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What are your rates?

Please see our Pricing page >>


What if it rains?

Our weather is beautiful and we have outdoor weddings year-round in Malibu. However, in the event of rain, we have a "rain plan" that moves the ceremony inside as well as cocktail hour while still having a full view of the ocean. Tenting is available for the ocean deck in the event of rain. 72 hours advance notice minimum.


What are the rules regarding music?

Amplified music must be kept inside the clubhouse. Because of the sound ordinances in Malibu, amplified music will be monitored and if necessary turned down to a reasonable level at 10:00 PM. Music must be turned off, and parties must end by midnight. Acoustic ceremony music and soft background music for your ceremony and cocktail hour are allowed on the clubhouse deck up until dusk.

How early can a party start? How late can a party go?

Parties can start as early as 9:00AM and must end no later than 1:00AM. On weekends in summer months, parties must start at 5:00PM or later.

Where do guests park?

At Malibu West, we give you 7 parking spaces for you and your family in our gated lot. Your guests will need to hire valet service (Our valet is found on our preferred vendor list), park off-site (the on-street parking is across the street with a lighted crosswalk) or we have some preferred local hotels that offer shuttle service when you book and block enough rooms for your guests.

What is your policy with alcohol?

At Malibu West, you may bring in your own alcohol, provided the person who serves it is a licensed and bonded bartender. You cannot sell it (no cash bar), and cannot serve to minors or overly intoxicated people.

Can you suggest vendors? Can I bring my own?

Take a look at our Vendors page >> to download a list of vendors who have provided excellent service and great pricing and have demonstrated their ability to produce excellent events. You’re welcome to bring your own vendors. For catering we require outside vendors to post a deposit, and must be vetted by the MWBC Events director.

What is included in the rental fee?

The rental fee covers a 12-hour rental period with exclusive use of the upstairs level of our beachfront clubhouse, banquet room, deck, kitchen, private bride’s parlor, tables and chairs and required cleaning. We also have a site rep that will be on duty for the full time of your event. They will be onsite  as an employee of Malibu West Beach Club, but can allow vendors access during your 12-hour rental if you are not here and address any issues that may arise.

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Ready to start planning? Start by checking whether Malibu West Beach Club is available on your date. 

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