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On the golden sands of the Pacific Ocean between Zuma Beach and Broad Beach, is the home of the Malibu West Beach Club. Malibu West is one of the premier and most desirable event venues in Southern California.

White sand stretches out to the breaking surf of the world’s largest ocean. Guests on our elevated deck enjoy a 180-degree view from Point Dume to Victoria Point; a panorama of the vast Pacific Ocean and miles of Malibu coastline.

On the day of your event, you can enjoy some of the most pristine coast in California. The Channel Islands, including Catalina Island, Anacapa, and Santa Cruz are visible to the west and to the east. The ocean is alive with dolphins, and seals leaping out of the water as they swim by to wish you and your guests the best of luck.

This private club is a mid-century modern design, built in 1962. The two-story structure is secluded offering security and privacy, behind evergreen trees and a gated entrance. Truly a unique property.

Malibu West Beach Club

Explore the 

Our event space

When you and your guests arrive at our doorstep, a wide stairway from the main entrance leads you to a beautiful large room with a high, mid-century designed rounded ceiling. Floor to ceiling windows facing the ocean give you a breathtaking view as you cross the threshold onto our large outdoor deck to the spectacular views.

Inside, the walls and beams are adorned with georgette chiffon, softly lit with tiny hidden white lights, giving you a magical feel.


To complete the simple ambience, there are 3 beautiful hanging crystal chandeliers.

This is just a backdrop to the look you want to create for your special event. Ask our decor department and they can help you with additional lighting for the interior and deck, along with almost any decorations you may want to add to make the space your own. 

Our bride's room

A spacious private room located next to the main room. With mirrors, windows, comfortable couches, beautiful natural light and a view of the Pacific Ocean, the bride (or groom!) and their attendants can get ready in comfort and privacy. 

Also in the bride’s room our built-in blow dry & make up bar provides ample space for several people to get ready for the big event.

This room can also serve as a private kids room during your event. While you and your guests are enjoying your evening, children can watch our large screen TV, play games and eat.

Our outdoor deck

is expansive and speaks for itself.  Enjoy panoramic  westward views of the Pacific Ocean and relax to the crashing sound of the surf as you enjoy your day and evening.

The deck is 1,500 square feet, and half of it is covered. You can tent the other half if you desire. Our decor experts can add  bistro lighting, or other decor to the deck to give it that special look, Or add your own special touches.

The deck is the ideal mingling space before scheduled activities begin. It also serves as the perfect cocktail hour setting, and post-ceremony celebration. Guests love the golden sunset views, and the added sound of a live jazz or string quartet creates an unforgettable ambiance. 

Our beach

With steps leading to just beneath our deck, the sand stretches out to the shore of the Pacific. Our beach is the ideal backdrop for world class photographs. From first looks to wedding party group shots, event memories, families, beautiful sunsets, romantic couple portraits and lots of smiles, it all happens right here at Malibu West Beach Club.

Please note, beach access is specifically for photo ops. Your wedding party and families are welcome on the sand during photo sessions, but anyone who is not involved in photos must remain on the deck or inside the event space.

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Still have questions? 

Check out our FAQs page for answers to some of our most common (and not so common) inquiries

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Ready to start planning? Start by checking whether Malibu West Beach Club is available on your date. 

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